PSPZ Mechanical seal type


50PSPZ-22033A-E3 65PSPZ-37033A-E3 80PSPZ-37033A-E3


●Super low noise

Its hybrid design(resin casing with cast-iron coating on the utside surface)allows the sound absorbing performance of cast-iron to take effect,resulting in super low noise.

●High efficiency and energy conservation

The one-piece optimized design of motor and the pump realized high efficiency and energy conservation.

●Long life and high reliability

Materials of excellent corrosion resistance are used in the liquid contact part.
The pump casing has the hybrid design in which the cast-iron outer shell and the resin inner liquid-contact part are integrated for high pressure resistance.
The design of the shaft seal part was established in the conventional product.These factors improvd its reliability.

●High maintainability

Its maintainability was improved by employing a design for easy shaft fixing when the impeller is removed/installed for mechanical seal replacement.


●Coolant circulation,seawater circulation

●Various machine sets,ship,fish preseres and seawater plants

●It fits in a small size ship without any conditions of setting place because of small and light size


Type Ⅲ Cast-iron+Resin(hybrid)