PSPZ Mechanical seal type


25PSPZ-2031A・B 25PSPZ-2033A 40PSPZ-4031A・B 40PSPZ-4033A・B 40PSPZ-7533A-E3 50PSPZ-15033A-E3 80PSPZ-15023A-E3 80PSPZ-22023A-E3


●Super low noise

By the improved structure in pump, super low noise can be available.
About 15dB less than our conventional model.

●High efficiency and energy conservation

The one-piece optimized design of the motor and the pump realized high efficiency and energy conservation. Compared with our conventional model, max 47% improved in efficiency and max 56% in energy consumption.

●Long life and high reliability

Materials of excellent corrosion resistance are used in the liquid contact part and mechanical seal has been improved, eliminating the liquid leakage.

●High maintainability

Its maintainability was improved by employing a design for easy shaft fixing when the impeller is removed /installed for mechanical seal replacement. TEFC motor is used for all models.


●Coolant circulation,seawater circulation

●Various machine sets,ship,fish preseres and seawater plant Ship

Excellent charactistics

Long Life and High Reliability(structure)

●Wetted Part is made of Corrosion-proof material
●Provide Greater Reliability to Leakage of Water
●Easy Maintenance without dismantle Motor

Performance Curve


Type Ⅰ Resin Type

Type Ⅱ Resin Type